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—Almost all the BPO companies hire freshers from various colleges. A lot of time friends in college join the same company. Now suddenly from just being buddies they are colleagues which mean life is different. Even though you are in same company and have been buddies for a long time now a new dimension to the relationship is added called coworker or colleagues. Now you both may have joined same company and even in same team but still you may be given different salaries for various reasons. Most freshers are curious to know the salary of their friends. One of the first questions that the buddies ask each other is “What is your Salary?”


Although the HR team normally will inform the candidates that your salary is confidential and are not to be shared but the buddies just ignore it and have a high tendency to share their salary with their friends. This leads to many problems both for the company as well as for the friends.

Let us address this post to candidates and why they should not worry about the salaries of others

  1. The first reason is that all companies consider it to be a breach of confidentiality between employee and organization and take strict action including termination of somebody who shares his or her salary.
  2. Every employee even in the same process can be given different salary based on the performance in the interview, qualification, prior experience or even the negotiation skills of the individual.
  3. You accepted the salary at the time of joining and nobody has forced you to join the company so now there is no reason you should be unhappy about the same.
  4. If you ask the salary of other person she may ask your salary and now you have to think if you want to share the same. Remember there are no free lunches in this world.
  5. What is the guarantee that the other person is telling you the truth, now you may be upset based on a lie told to you. Why even go that path?

Remember asking or telling salary to your colleagues is not only rude it is considered a breach of contract by your employer so why go that path. Your salary is confidential so is your colleagues, and it will bring more harm to you than benefit to know salary of the next guy.

It is best to only know your own salary and the growth opportunities your company offers to employees and work towards them. If you get the promotion or higher responsibilities you will automatically get a higher salary.

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