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Help Shagun decide which BPO company to join : A Case Study

 BPO life is a unique life and that impacts the career choices one makes. As one has to not only look after the career progression but also how it will impact the life based on multiple factors like shift, process, distance from home, which shift spouse works.

We received an email from Shagun ( name changed), who wanted some clarity as to which company she should join as she has 2 offers. Both in the city she currently lives with her husband. She needs some help to take a call on which company to join as she has 2 good offers after a rigorous interview process.

Offer 1. A large captive for an asset management company to work in financial Analysis and budgeting. Shift timing 2 pm to 11 pm India time

offer 2. One of the top IT and consulting companies 3rd party BPO center with a profile in project management. Shift timings are 11 am to 8 pm.

Salary is slightly more in the first company, but second offers chances to visit client site in US as promised during interview stage ( nothing in writing) Both positions are at SME/Sr. Analyst level.

A little bit about Shagun:

1. She has a work experience of 6 years and currently took a break due to her father’s illness. Her position with the current company was filled so she can not go back.
2. Her husband works for a MNC captive BPO center as AM and works in 4pm to 3am shift, which is a fixed shift. Some times due to work pressure he reaches home around 7 am. Both of them have also worked in same company for some time and are used to BPO life.
3.They do not have kids but may plan in future.

Now in order to help Shagun please suggest which company she should join and why. She has about 15 days to return to the prospective employers before joining date.

You can give your inputs through the comments form below. We will share your inputs with Shagun and also share which company she joined once she makes up her mind and joins her new employer.

 If you would like some inputs or ask a question feel free to use the Contact CafeBpO tab to get in touch with us. All the best to Shagun and to you in your career and life choices.

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  1. if the salary is more in first company she can join that…all companies promise US trip… dont go by tht…in secnd case.

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