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I am sure you have come across KPO as a term being frequently used and wondered what is KPO? Well just to expand the acronym it stands for ” Knowledge Process Outsourcing”. So in place of Business you replace it with Knowledge and your business gets to sit on a  higher pedestal as  you are now managing the knowledge of the client. Let me clarify it a bit more. From a client perspective in US or UK when they are outsourcing a process that requires complex decision-making and risk they like to make sure that the company and the people who will work on the same have the requisite credentials to do the same.

From a vendor perspective in India it is a branding tool that helps them position themselves a notch above from what they call the lowly call centers.( their position not of Cafe BPO). The reason these companies want to call themselves KPO is because they want to charge a higher price for the services performed and to attract right talent with qualifications who will not be willing to join if they call themselves BPO or call center.

So is that it? A branding exercise to charge a premium to the customers and attract employees. Well to be completely candid there is more to it. As we mentioned earlier a KPO claims to perform processes where complex decision-making is required and some kind of either financial or legal or compliance risk can occur to the client or  the end consumer if something goes wrong. On the other hand it could also be doing some kind of research for the customer using highly qualified professionals which would cost many time in the developed markets.

Can you think of some examples? Send them to us, we will be writing about them in the posts to come.

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