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How To Ensure Security in BpO Cabs

We talked about the truth about cabs in one of the earlier post and mentioned that cabs are a necessity for the BPO employees due to

  1. Late shift timings when public transport is not available and is not safe.
  2. The need to login on time, as any late log in leads to stiff penalties from clients

We will focus this post about the security of women employees in BpO cabs, as we don’t want any more incidents like the recent Delhi rape case, and the earlier gruesome murder of girls traveling in BpO cabs in Bangalore and Pune.

All top BpO companies provide home pick up and drop beyond 8 pm and before 7 am, for the security of the employees, but there are a few things that as a women employee you are entitled to

  1. After 8 pm and before 7 am you have a right to be picked up from home and the company can not drop you at a common pickup point far away from your home.
  2. All good companies have a policy where a women employee is not the first pickup and the last drop during the night. This ensures that the lady is not travelling alone in the cab. If this means that either a security guard will travel with the girl or a male colleague will go till the house of the girl and come back after dropping the girl.
  3. Check with your company in GPS is installed in the Cabs to track the movement, if not you should demand that from your organization.
  4. If due to some extreme emergency you are traveling alone in the cab make sure that you don’t  fall asleep, and constantly be in touch on your phone with the control room of your company.
  5. Keep the number of local police station, your family member on speed dial where you can  call them in case of any problem
  6. Make sure that the driver is not drunk and if you suspect he is drunk do not board the cab.
  7. Do not enter the cab if you do not recognize the driver. Please call your company’s helpdesk to confirm that the new driver is authorized to bring you to office.
  8. If there is unknown people along with the driver in the cab refuse to board the cab and call your company’s control room.
  9. Do not let the driver stop on the way and pick up stray passengers either to give lift or as a paying passenger. They are not allowed to do the same as it is a security hazard.
  10. Never allow the driver or your colleagues to go by an alternate route even if they insist it is a short cut.
  11. Always keep some kind of security measure with you like a pepper spray to use in emergency.

Our aim is not to create any kind of panic but considering the increasing number of crimes against women and the odd hour’s women in BpO travel in cabs it is prudent to be aware of your surroundings and be proactive to ensure that your safety is not compromised. If you find that your organization is not following the basic security norms for the security of women employees you can always talk to the HR manager and if nothing is done we would strongly suggest you change your company, as a company that does not takes care of security of its employees is not worth working.

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