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It is not a good idea to Blast your resume to 5000 consultants.

Wait and think before you blast your resume to those 5000 recruiters. Let us give you some reasons why it is not a very good idea. But before that what resume blast is all about.

There are websites that for a fee (anywhere between 300-5000 INR), claim that they will send your resume to thousands of recruiters and then you just have to sit by phone and pick and choose job offers (and pigs can fly). Let us give some reasons why we believe it is not a very good idea.

  1. Any mail campaign that blasts your resume in thousands of emails is considered SPAM which is 4 letter word. So in majority of cases these resumes will end up in SPAM or Junk folder, never to be seen by anybody. Ever wondered why SPAM and JUNK both have 4 letters?
  2. Even if say 1 in thousand CV reaches a human, the moment the recruiter realizes you have been blasting your resume they will see only one word “Desperate” and chances of your resume getting further attention will vanish.
  3. Who knows who these consultants are in which city, if they are active, or do they even operate in your industry. What use you have of a consultant in Kolkata working for say Industrial clients when you are looking for a job in Bangalore in a BpO?
  4. Now let us look at the other scenario that somehow your resume reaches thousands of consultants and they start sending to all the companies that are there clients. Very soon your resume will be with every company  and the consultants will also realize it, hence they will stop pushing it as the general feeling about your resume would be “ It must already be with them, hence I will not get my professional fees”
  5. So as we have seen it is a no win situation for you as  a candidate in both scenarios when your resume reaches to thousands of consultants or when it lands in the SPAM or JUNK folder.


Are there better strategies to make your candidature stand out than to blast your resume or spamming? Yes there are and we will talk about them in a future post. Do let us know what you think about this post and also what your opinion about résumé blasting service is.

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