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Celebrations for Diwali in BPO Companies

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and almost all parts of India celebrate the same. For our readers who are not familiar with festivals of India let me give a little update on Diwali and what companies are doing for celebrations for Diwali in a BPO. This year Diwali is on November 13, 2012.

It is primarily celebrated to mark the return of Lord Ram, prince of Ayodhya after spending 14 years in exile during which his wife Sita is kidnapped by Demon king Ravana from Lanka. Ram crosses the ocean with help of his army of Vanars ( mythological army of apes) kills Ravana and returns to Ayaodhya to be crowned King.

So well entrenched is the story of Ram that is retold again and again in every generation not only in India but in all parts of world where people of Indian origin have settled or had business relations e.g. in Mauritius, Most of Africa, Caribbean, South American countries like Guyana, Surinam, whole of south-east Asia like Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar etc.

Celebrations For Diwali in A BPO Company

Earthen Lamps on Diwali

The festival marks the beginning of fresh set of accounts by the business community for the next financial year. It is celebrated also to welcome Goddess Luxmi to bring wealth and prosperity, every house is given a thorough cleaning, lights and lamps are used to decorate the house. But the best or the worst part is bursting of crackers. Whole of India bursts more crackers in one day than anywhere else in the world. It is an experience that you need to live and is not possible to explain in a blog post.

Now normally all offices both private and government are closed on Diwali day, but BPO being a unique business specially for live transaction processes like Call Centers,  order fulfillment, live web chat etc. it is not possible to close the office as the clients expect the BPO center in India to function. Hence the BPO business in India has adapted them to this need. You will find most of the BPO companies in India are working specially in the night shift when they need to interact with the clients and consumers.

Companies have devised various means to motivate employees to sacrifice their Diwali and come to office, from celebrating Diwali in office  by organizing bay decoration competition, compensatory off day, extra pay to come and work on Diwali to organizing special dinners in office on Diwali. The whole idea is to recreate the magic of Diwali in office so that employees do not miss their Diwali.

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Happy Diwali Message from President Obama for one and all.

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