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A lot of people believe that the call centers are an urban thing, this is far from true. From almost last many years there are companies that have taken the BPO and call center business to the hinterland. This despite many challenges one faces in the rural areas some of them are listed below:

  •  Lack of trained manpower, so they have to invest  heavily in the training.
  • Lack of infrastructure in the rural areas like no reliable power source and bandwidth connectivity
  • No managerial talent

While some of these issues are present in the big cities also they are compounded in the semi urban and rural areas. Fortunately the people who are running these centers are very dedicated and are looking to make a social change and not a quick buck.

Some of the companies in this space are





These companies have been instrumental in bringing jobs to rural and semi urban areas that serves the purpose of providing jobs in their native place and second they are available during the harvest or sowing season if need to the family. Some of these BPOs have a specific focus on providing jobs to women, Source Pilani being one of them.


Some key points to note are since the level of spoken English is not very good in rural and semi urban areas most of the rural BPOs are focusing on non voice or back office business. They are getting their business both from abroad as well as from big cities in India as the cost of labor is lower in the rural areas. One example of getting work from the big cities is doing data entry work for the loan application for the banks. For the work from US they are focusing on business like Medical Transcription, data entry, loan application processing, Geo coding of maps etc. The important thing to note is that some of this work is very time sensitive and our rural BPOs have been delivering it successfully.

If you know of any rural BPO please send us there details.

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