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It is very easy to ruin an Interview chances

A lot of freshers and first time job seekers ruin their chances in an interview without even meeting the HR team of the potential employer ( read the BPO or call center) they are trying to join. The worst part is they ruin chances in interview without even knowing what they are doing. Now you may wonder how is it possible to ruin your impression on the recruitment team of the BPO without even meeting them? Well the answer is very simple. Now a day by the time you meet a recruitment or the HR team of a company specially the BPO company they have already done a little bit of research about you on the sly. While we will talk about the freshers in the next post let us focus on expereinced people trying to switch job and what they need to be careful about. Some of the sources a company will try to gather information about you is from

These two are by far the most commonly visited sites by the HR team of any company just to check a little bit about you before you are called for interview  Any information that looks like you are not a serious player or can not be trusted with confidential data or money related matters will become a negative for you without even you ever realizing the same.
So be very careful what you post on the internet specially on Facebook and LinkedIn  more care is needed on LinkedIn as it is the professional networking site and any comment, etc. that you leave there will be there for eternity for the universe to keep on discovering.

So are you sure you want to post that really offensive comment about your certified idiot ex boss? Even if the certification was issued by you. Not a very good idea as a potential employer will take it as a very negative trait and may not even call you for interview. We do remember one of very mature lady mentioning in a burst of anger on Facebook that her boss can never be satisfied no matter what she does. We need not say how many interpretation of this message were made in the 30 minutes it was online before some body called her and suggested to remove it. Fortunately good sense prevailed and she removed it before her boss and other office colleagues could see. The saving grace in this case was FB was banned in office and she has used her android phone to post the message so only her circle outside of the office has seen during those 30 mintues. But those 30 minutes were enough for the message to be seen by 73 of her friend circle of 600+ friends.
Well with this we will close this post with the understanding that we need to be very careful how we present ourselves on the social networking sites as the big brother is always watching.

Next post: How freshers ruin their chances before meeting the HR team, keep watching this space.
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