Nov 142012

We started CafeBpO a month back and as the aim is to grow it into a community where all those associated with the business of  BpO can participate. We thought we will give some highlights of last one month over here so that our readers know which direction we are heading. Below is some technical mumbo jumbo: We are using WordPress platform with Suffusion theme developed by Sayontan Sinha . We would like to acknowledge and thank [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 122012
Celebrations For Diwali in a BPO to Keep Morale High

Celebrations for Diwali in BPO Companies Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and almost all parts of India celebrate the same. For our readers who are not familiar with festivals of India let me give a little update on Diwali and what companies are doing for celebrations for Diwali in a BPO. This year Diwali is on November 13, 2012. It is primarily celebrated to mark the [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 092012

Help Shagun decide which BPO company to join : A Case Study  BPO life is a unique life and that impacts the career choices one makes. As one has to not only look after the career progression but also how it will impact the life based on multiple factors like shift, process, distance from home, which shift spouse works. We received an email from Shagun ( name changed), who wanted some [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 082012

What Obama Victory means for business of BPO The results of the one of the greatest shows on earth the US presidential elections are out and the US and the rest of the world is celebrating the return of President Obama for next 4 years. We are also happy about the same and hope that in this term he will bring the change that he promised in his first term. [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 072012
Who are the winners and laggards of third party BPO business ?

Let us continue discussing which Outsourcing company in India has most valuable employees. In last post we identified 3 companies EXL Genpact WNS as they are 3 biggest players in BPO space from India, majority of headcount is in India but all of them are listed in US, so their numbers are avaialble to anybody on their website and on the respective stock exchange. One very interesting fact that emerges [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 062012

Q: Which outsourcing company in India has most Valuable employees? Mr. Narayanmurthy the legendary founder of Infosys once mentioned that his employees are his biggest asset. This is very true in the IT and BPO business as the maximum investment and the only revenue source an IT or a BPO company has it are its employees. Even product companies need employees to develop and market products. For any outsourcing company [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 052012

  One Skill Every First Time Supervisor Needs to Excel in Well this post is first in what we will tentatively call how to get ready for bigger role ( I know sounds kind of big so please suggest a good one). Most of the companies in BPO and Call centers like to promote from within specially for the first time supervisor role. There are many reasons for the same. Let me [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 022012

Inviting you all to contribute and Join CafeBpO Blog We have slowly started building a repository of articles on CafeBpO Blog. In last 15 days we have 19 published posts and we plan to add more with each passing day. We would like CafeBpO to not just be a blog but an active thriving community of BPO professionals. A place to know more about the business of BPO, career opportunities, knowledge base and [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 012012

  A Common Mistake Freshers Make In last post we talked about the job search mistake experienced executives make online leading to rejection at resume stage itself. In this one we will look at mistake freshers make. Once the college exams are over and final year students have decided to take up jobs a lot of them are still exploring their options. Many choices are still not clear in their thought process [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Oct 312012

It is very easy to ruin an Interview chances A lot of freshers and first time job seekers ruin their chances in an interview without even meeting the HR team of the potential employer ( read the BPO or call center) they are trying to join. The worst part is they ruin chances in interview without even knowing what they are doing. Now you may wonder how is it possible to ruin [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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