Jan 022013

Our Experience in Interviewing Fresh MBA Graduates —In the course of interviewing fresher’s one comes across a lot of youngsters who are about to enter the job market.  We have always enjoyed interacting with them as they bring a fresh dose of energy to the organization.Unfortunately a lot of fresher’s we meet have absolutely no idea what they are doing or even what they are studying and why. Our experience [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Jan 012013

–Happy New year to all our readers.New Year is the time of new resolutions for personal life and goals for 2013 at work.. Every year each one of us makes and breaks a lot of New Year resolutions.Some of the most popular personal resolutions that are broken by most of us are: I will lose weight this year. I will start saving for my future. These two are the most [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Dec 272012

Fightback for Safety in BpO Cabs In continuation of our post about safety in BpO Cabs, we found Fightback application developed by Tech Mahindra a large IT company from the Mahindra Group. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. Join us and help make our streets safer for women. This is a very simple app to download [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Dec 272012

How To Ensure Security in BpO Cabs We talked about the truth about cabs in one of the earlier post and mentioned that cabs are a necessity for the BPO employees due to Late shift timings when public transport is not available and is not safe. The need to login on time, as any late log in leads to stiff penalties from clients We will focus this post about the security of [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Dec 112012

The Next Wave of Consolidation in BpO Business —A few weeks ago we have talked about the sale of Firstsource to RPG group and tried to understand what may work in the favor of the deal. The next  wave of consolidation in the BpO business continues with the acquisition of Apollo Healthstreet by Sutherland Global. If we look at the history of consolidation in the BpO business this is the third wave. Let [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Dec 062012

–So far biggest problem in BpO industry has been attrition. BpO companies in India have been out of labor trouble, there were many reasons for the same A young work force that believes in making a career and rising the corporate ladder The big problem of Attrition means that employees are never too old in system leading to no formation of any kind of unions etc. Relatively good salaries compared [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Dec 052012
Where Is BpO in Career Options?

Is BPO at the Bottom Of Career Options? —It has been more than 15 years since the business of BpO made inroads in our life by offering career options in BpO. BpO has changed the skyline and lifeline in major cities in India and has started a new demographic shift in form of educated but jobless youth from B and C towns to the major metros like Bombay, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 212012

    What is Best time for Call Center Training? —We received a good response on our post “A Perfect Candidate for Call Center” We have mentioned that some of the freshers join a call center or BpO and leave the same after completion of training when the time to go to production comes.  This is a trend most of the companies have been observing and some of them have [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 192012

A Perfect Candidate for the Call Center   —Most companies have learned the hard way to go for rigorous employee background check in the BpO business. Every one is looking for a perfect candidate for the call center who will be happy to work in night and give productivity with quality. It became even more rigorous when reports emerged in media about some employees in a bank back office in BPO were found [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Nov 162012

CESC Buys Firstsource-A Contrarian view —Those of you who have been following the stock market in general and BpO business in particular would have noticed the headlines that RPG group company CESC buys Firstsource (Controlled and managed by Sanjiv Goenka). As of now CESC  has agreed to buy 49% of Firstsource Limited and also make an open offer for another 25%. This will bring down stake of ICICI which has been trying [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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