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What Obama Victory means for business of BPO

The results of the one of the greatest shows on earth the US presidential elections are out and the US and the rest of the world is celebrating the return of President Obama for next 4 years. We are also happy about the same and hope that in this term he will bring the change that he promised in his first term.

Why do we say that let us read on.

When President Obama was elected the first time he was looked as the breath of fresh air some body with great ideas and potential who will not only revive the US economy but also work towards world peace. The highly respected Nobel prize was awarded to him before even completing one year in office. Most of the people were surprised about the same including President Obama himself. But soon the pressure of day-to-day politics and the need to keep the average Joe engaged took over and on more than one occasion President Obama acted as a politician rather than a statesman he truly is.
As this is not a political blog but one that restricts its scope to the business of BPO we will talk about the impact of this victory on the business of BPO.

Now this is no secret that many a times President Obama has openly talked about his dislike for outsourcing jobs to countries like India. While the people in outsourcing may not like it, this is the most natural thing he was supposed to say, after all no matter what he is elected by people of
USA and not of India. He may have more fans in India by sheer numbers than in any other country in the world but the fact is we do not have a vote for his election the US citizens have this right and they have shown the second time that they believe his is the man they believe who will give them a better life.

Ok I digress again. Coming back.

We sincerely believe that a lot of rhetoric against outsourcing could be an outcome of political compulsions to counter the challenger Romney and the very fact that he had to face the electoral again for his second term. Now with no third term in place there is a high chance that President Obama will focus on some of the more important issues that he may want tackle than to worry about the business of BPO. Let us not forget while it remains a sensitive issue it may not be on a very high priority list of President Obama as he worries about more pressing issues like healthcare reforms, the war on terror, a widening fiscal deficit and now with no reason to go back to public for a third term he no longer have to give populist slogans and can focus on actions where he can deliver.

Does this mean he will forget outsourcing… well we don’t think so, but we do feel it may not be on a very high priority must do today kind of list. But what he really wants to do will emerge in next few weeks when he announces his real action items. He will definitely create more jobs for US citizens in the US government but that should not impact the business of BPO. One thing we should keep in mind is that big business in US is not a fan of President Obama and a 250 point fall in the NYSE on announcement of his getting a second term is a clear indication that big business does not considers him to be an ally.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and celebrate at this time return of a truly Charismatic leader whom not just America but the rest of the world also looks up to.

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