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Get News About BpO From CafeBpO Online Paper

Dear Readers now getting news about BpO is very easy. As part of continuing improvement and enhanced reader experience we are happy to announce that we will be circulating a weekly online 100% FREE paper from CafeBpO. This paper will not only be from authors of CafeBpO but also from other sources from the internet like

  • New York Times
  • Economic Times
  • CNN
  • Newsweek
  • Reuters

and many other online resources.

There are many benefits for our readers of the same e.g.

  • You get a single source to gather all the news  happening in the world of BpO at a single place
  • All latest trends, news, deals would be available to you at a click of mouse
  • As this is a weekly paper even if  you have missed something you know where to go to get all the information you are looking for
  • We will be collecting  news from sources across the globe you can be assured to get diverse point of views about the business of BpO
  • It is 100%  free with no obligation to purchase anything.

The paper will be available online every week on Tuesday around 4 pm India time (+5:30 GMT). In order to not miss it you can subscribe to the same by clicking the subscribe button on the paper or you can also subscribe to CafeBpo blog to receive it as we will be inserting it in posts on regular basis.  Here is the link to the Online Paper of CafeBpO.  Below is the screen shot of the first edition of the Free Online Paper giving you news about BpO.

CafeBpo Life career and business of Bpo

Subscribe to CafeBpO Online Paper

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