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Let us talk now about Legal Process Outsourcing or LPO

Not exactly new but one of the latest form of process outsourcing is Legal Process Outsourcing or LPO. As the name itself indicates it is about all things legal, and not necessarily only the court cases as typically one may thing about LPO. So basically anything that will have a legal implication for a company and one needs to make sure that unambiguous information is provided to customers, consumers and government agencies will constitute LPO.

The Legal Process Outsourcing started being off shored initially as transcription of services but has over the period evolved into a whole bouquet of offerings by both GIC or Global In-house centers  ( formerly called captive centers) and also third-party LPO services.

So what will be examples of LPO services? Let us have a look below:

  • Legal Transcription
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Writing privacy policy for websites and companies collecting data
  • Legal disclaimer of services being offered
  • Warranty and guarantee descriptions
  • Software and services contracts
  • Submitting information to government offices over legal and compliance matters
  • Application processing for various services to government offices e.g. applying for environmental clearance for a new power plant.
  • Pre-litigation data collection and presentations
  • Giving legal opinion of various matters
  • Patent and Trademark applications
  • Domain registrations and protection in various geographies and name combinations
And many other legal areas where the Legal process outsourcing companies add value to their clients work at a cost that is much lower than in a developed economy. We already have a few  companies established in India and they employ around 3000+ employees in India in various cities. The different business models for LPO companies in India are:
  1. Captive LPO centers providing services to  their parent office in US and Europe who have different clients.
  2. Small back office of law firms in India doing low-end work like transcription, application processing etc.
  3. Independent third-party LPO center dedicated to legal process outsourcing
  4. Big Outsourcing companies in BPO who also have a small LPO division, this is true for both Indian BPOs  and MNC servicing companies.
All said and done LPO or Legal Process Outsourcing is one of the growth areas in the over all BPO sector and we expect more companies to join this business. Keep watching this space, in one of the coming series we will see what all is need to join a LPO compnay. Feel free to contact us for questions and comments.
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