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Inviting you all to contribute and Join CafeBpO Blog

We have slowly started building a repository of articles on CafeBpO Blog. In last 15 days we have 19 published posts and we plan to add more with each passing day. We would like CafeBpO to not just be a blog but an active thriving community of BPO professionals. A place to know more about the business of BPO, career opportunities, knowledge base and above all share about unique aspects of life in a BPO.

Overall the aim is to make Cafe BpO a hangout of choice for all things BpO, and would like to remind once again that when we say BPO we include call centers, KPO, LPO, MPO, CPO, GPO ( OK  we made the last one, but  you never know 😉 ) As we grow Cafe BpO we would need volunteers who would like to contribute to the growth  of  this blog.

You are welcome to contribute

  • Articles
  • Stories
  • Pictures
  • Questions
  • Comments
  • Any thing else relating to the Business, Career and Life in A BPO.

The process of submitting content is fairly simple as of now. All you need to do is get in touch through contact form and choose from the drop down what you would like to contact us for.

The current options are:

  •  Share a story
  • Write for Cafe BpO
  • Give a suggestion
But based on suggestions recieved from you we will modify the form and add more options.  We would like the readers of this blog to drive the content and agenda, so that this blog becomes a reader driven blog rather than being a writer driven blog. We believe that without your active participating we will not be able to do  justice to the same.
So please don’t wait go ahead and share your story, submit an article or even nominate somebody you know to be featured in Cafe BpO blog.
Team CafeBpO


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