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So You Want To Write A Guest Blog Post For CafeBpO ?

We are glad you are visiting this post, it clearly shows you are interested in contributing to the growth of CafeBpO community about Business, Career and Life in BpO.

We published our first expert author post by Information security expert Surinder Singh Rait, and we plan to continue to do so and involve more and more readers and contributors to the CafeBpO community.

We encourage our readers to write guest post on CafeBpO, both by expert authors as well as other bloggers. Here are the guidelines for the same

  1. The topic should touch some aspect of Business, Career and Life in BpO like your story, a topic you are expert on e.g.  Six sigma, Information Security, transition, recruitment etc.
  2. It should be original and written by you, please do not submit posts that are copied from internet, as we use automated tools to check if the content submitted for the post is original.

Credit: CafeBpO respects individual work and if your idea is derivative of someone else work, feel free to give credit. Same goes to images which you use in your post.

Article Quality: Article should be of 600-1500 words and should cover the topic in detail. For any post that covers the business or career aspect of BpO please submit only after thorough research. If your post is more than 1500 words we encourage you to split it in two.

Pictures + Video+ Slides: We encourage you to add pictures, slides, presentations and video created by you for the posts. Please ensure you are not submitting somebody else’s work and the material have not been copied from Internet either willingly or subconsciously.

Author Profile:  Please submit a good photograph of yourself with a small bio.  Also send us the link to your social profile like LinkedIn, Facebook which you want to appear in your bio.

Copyright:   We want only original content on CafeBpO. In case it is discovered that you have copied post from somewhere. This will lead to instant ban and removal of all your blog posts, and profile from CafeBpO. Also by publishing a post on CafeBpO, you give CafeBpO the copyright ownership of the post.

Check List Before you submit the post to be published on CafeBpO

  1. Is the post original  and written by you
  2. Are there any   media like pictures, video etc with the same? If yes is the media created by you.
  3. If the media is not created by you the do you have written permission of its owner to publish it, or if the media is part of Creative Commons Licence have you followed all the steps in  CC licence?
  4. Have you and proof read the post for typos and errors?
  5. Have you liked the Facebook page of CafeBpO, if no then please do by clicking here.
  6. Do you follow CafeBpO on Twitter? If not please do so by  clicking here

To submit posts please use Contact CafeBpO form to get in touch with us.

Please feel free to share this post with your friends, and colleagues on your social networks like Facebook LinkedIn , Twitter  and Google + etc. If you would like to receive regular updates from CafeBpO please use the subscribe by email option on this page (We do not sell, rent or donate your email address to anybody)

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