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–Happy New year to all our readers.New Year is the time of new resolutions for personal life and goals for 2013 at work.. Every year each one of us makes and breaks a lot of New Year resolutions.Some of the most popular personal resolutions that are broken by most of us are:

  1. I will lose weight this year.
  2. I will start saving for my future.

These two are the most popular resolutions broken by most of us, why are they never kept? Because in most cases these are the promises that we make to ourselves and nobody is watching them or reminding us about the same.

So what is the benefit of them? Actually none as we are not accountable on them. The other reasons are that none of them is a SMART goal. Just to refresh our memories

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound. Since in both the resolutions we are starting it wrong as there is no specific value given to any of these goals they are bound to fail. A better version of these goals will be:

  1. I will loose 10 Kilos by jogging 2 KM, 4 days a week by 31st December 2013.
  2. I will save 20% of my salary every month for next 5 year.

I hope you get the difference.  Anyways this post is not about personal goals, we want to talk about some professional goals.

Most of us don’t even plan any professional goals and let us give some examples ( not all of them are SMART mind you, that is for you to do)

  1. Learn a new skill/process
  2. Get that promotion you have been eyeing
  3. Get that certification so relevant to your domain
  4. Join an online resource to help you in your career e.g. if you are in Mortgage business you join MBA.
  5. Volunteer for the company CSR initiative.
  6. Aspire for the CEO award for the employee of the quarter and work for that.
  7. Read that management book you bought 3 years ago.( first you need to find it though in your closet)
  8. Have the courage to say no to your boss for something you believe is not correct.
  9. Take that vacation you so badly want ( you need to plan it now if you want it in May)
  10. Relook at your career where it is going and change jobs if this is not the right fit for you.

The challenge is most of us don’t even bother to plan our professional goals and are what we call drifters in our career. A drifter as per us is somebody whose career is just going through motion like a twig in a river it just goes where ever the flow is taking it. That is not a very good career strategy. One needs to actively plan each and every career move and work on adding that extra zing to the career. It can be added by actively doing things that will lead to your twin objective of

a)      Higher Salary

b)      Higher designation

A lot of us may not want a higher designation but still want a higher salary and that is a perfectly legitimate goal. But remember if you are the highest paid employee in the team and the least productive you will be replaced sooner rather than later. Also you need to remember for every position of a supervisor or manager there will be many applicants and you need to be better than each one of them to achieve the same.

So even if you are happy in your current role just to justify your higher salary you need to be most productive and need to have skills that others in the team do not have. If you fail to do this then some body else will get that dream increment or promotion that you have been eyeing so long.

Our aim is not to scare you but to remind you that it is a new year and only you have  ability and the power to plan your career and any career planning begins with goal setting and what better day than the first day of new year to do some introspection and start moving in the direction  you have always wanted to.

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Once again a very happy new year 2013 wishing  you great goals and success in achieving them.



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