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One Skill Every First Time Supervisor Needs to Excel in

Well this post is first in what we will tentatively call how to get ready for bigger role ( I know sounds kind of big so please suggest a good one).

Most of the companies in BPO and Call centers like to promote from within specially for the first time supervisor role. There are many reasons for the same. Let me write some of the over here:

  • Process and domain knowledge are key to the first time supervisor
  • Understands all the applications used in the process
  • Familiar with the Quality measures in the process
  • Learning curve to take over supervisory role is squeezed
  • Acceptance by clients

Hopefully you are convinced that there is a lot of merit in promoting somebody from the team to the supervisory level. Now once the supervisor is chosen  a lot of companies just through them in the  waters with the expectations that since they know the process they can cope up with it. This puts the first time supervisor under a lot of pressure. Not only she has to please the clients and her boss she is also under tremendous pressure to win over her very friends who are reporting into  her now, and that is not easy. We are sure all of us have gone through the same when management role came our way. But this post is valid for those also who plan to apply for supervisory role.

Let us come back to one skill that every first time supervisor needs to Excel in, and it is learning and excelling in MS-Excel. Yes we are not kidding, every first time supervisor needs to learn and master MS-Excel. Even in organization with 100% automated reporting Excel is still used for “n” number of things like

  • Shared files to track the daily productivity of individuals
  • Incentive tracking
  • Target vs productivity of teams and individuals
  • Client reporting etc.

The challenge is most of the first time supervisors only exposure to excel till this date is copying and pasting there work in the files given to them by there boss, and one fine day he is supposed to distribute, collate and report the very files which till date he had rights only on a few tabs that too only to paste data. So a lot of them struggle and reporting is not accurate or delayed and suddenly she is considered to be bad news just because of not knowing MS-Excel very well.

Once you start learning excel try to learn the latest version and focus on following aspects to begin with

  • Use of formulas
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Pivot Reports
  • Creating Graphs like Pie Chart, Bar Chart etc.

You will be surprised how easy they are and once you master them you will be surprising not only your boss and client but also  yourself. One of the best online tool to learn excel is a website about all things excel. If yo still have doubts why excel is still relevant check this presentation about why excel is still relevant and then take your call.

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