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Fightback for Safety in BpO Cabs

In continuation of our post about safety in BpO Cabs, we found Fightback application developed by Tech Mahindra a large IT company from the Mahindra Group. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. Join us and help make our streets safer for women. This is a very simple app to download and use from your mobile phone.

Tech Mahindra had long back developed an application called FightBack which was being used only by the staff members of Mahindra Group.

After the gang-rape of a woman in New Delhi;  Mr. Anand Mahindra has now thrown open this smart phone application for public use, beyond Mahindra employees. The FightBack application tracks a user’s location and sends SOS  messages to selected contacts in case of an emergency.

This application is now available for download on the company website for

The FightBack app allows the user to press on a panic button whenever
he/she feels unsafe.

It tracks the location using GPS and alerts chosen contacts  about the location map and is available on Nokia,  Android and Blackberry from the link below :

www.fightbackmobile .com

Steps – How to download the application

1 – Register yourself or login through Faceback with Post click.
2 – After the successful Login in the portal, Click to Download.
3 – Enter the mobile number on which you want to deploy for the FightBack application
4 – Select your handset on which you would like to download the application
from the device list.
5 – Click on Download button, and you will receive the link to download via
6 – By clicking on the downloadable link within the received SMS your
application will start downloading.

Please spread this to all your social circles on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc; this is a very useful application and should be present on your phone. We would like to thank Mr. Mahindra to make this app available to all.

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