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Our Experience in Interviewing Fresh MBA Graduates

—In the course of interviewing fresher’s one comes across a lot of youngsters who are about to enter the job market.  We have always enjoyed interacting with them as they bring a fresh dose of energy to the organization.Unfortunately a lot of fresher’s we meet have absolutely no idea what they are doing or even what they are studying and why. Our experience has been that out of 100 candidates we meet only about 10% are worth hiring.Without any prejudice let us give some examples below of some real life interview candidates, most of them from local B schools where they have shelled anywhere between 4 to 12 lakhs to get 3 alphabets MBA.

 But it seems these MBA from local colleges are not of much use as most of the students we have met had no clue what they studied and they were appearing for interview for just to check the options without any clue what a BFSI BPO is all about. Most of them were actually not even ready with a proper CV before appearing for the interview. One wonders what the placement office of these colleges was doing.

As an experiment we decided to ask questions only related to the project the candidate submitted in in MBA and below are some examples

  1. Project-Comparative analysis of Mutual Funds. Question asked: Explain different kinds of mutual funds.

Some of the answers received are given below

a)      There are different kind of mutual funds like HDFC, Reliance, LIC

b)      Indian and Foreign mutual funds but the foreign will close if FDI is not allowed

c)       We were not told different type of funds just asked to sell as part of project (AMFI are your reading this?)

  1. Project-Capital Budgeting for a manufacturing company. Q- Explain working capital concept

a)      Ah my project was not about working capital only capital budgeting

b)      The money needed to work ( no explanation about work)

c)       What the bank gives as

  1. Project- GAAP in Indian companies.  Question asked Explain the concept of double entry accounting

a)      The first prize went to the candidate who said “Was it not abolished when computers came as with computers there was no need to do double entry as they are very accurate!”

We can go on and on but the idea is not to make fun of anybody but to highlight the pathetic state our private MBA colleges are in and what kind of education they are providing to the youngsters. But the problem is not with the Fresh MBA Graduates it is with the education system and the private colleges who are not interested in long-term success of their students and only want to collect fees.

Most of these private MBA colleges do not have proper faculty or curriculum and the aim is to get as many students as possible and take the fees from them. Only today we were checking the headlines that 99% of school teachers fail the test for Central Teachers Eligibility test. If that is the state of primary school teachers one can imagine the condition other private institutions will be in.

Without going into much detail if you are a youngster who wants to enroll into one of the private MBA college and going to pay around 3-5 Lakh Rupees in Fees and other expenses and then after two year you will be applying for jobs that pay you 2.5 lakhs per annum then you need to do your ROI and see if the MBA school is worth applying to?

It will take 2+ years just to get your money back that provided  you are able to get a job based on that private local MBA you paid for.

So our dear reader it is very important that before you apply for private MBA schools and shell out lakhs of rupees either from your parents or from taking a student loan from a bank do some calculations and check the past record for the MBA School in placement.

Please do note that we are all for higher studies specially MBA but from a college that will not only offer you a good placement but will also help you learn in those two precious years of your life. IF your aim is only to get a degree without any learning then we have nothing to offer you just like the B school  who have sent some of these candidates to us. (Though reading CafeBpO does not costs anything  J

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