Nov 142012


We started CafeBpO a month back and as the aim is to grow it into a community where all those associated with the business of  BpO can participate. We thought we will give some highlights of last one month over here so that our readers know which direction we are heading.

Below is some technical mumbo jumbo:

  • We are using WordPress platform with Suffusion theme developed by Sayontan Sinha . We would like to acknowledge and thank him for creating this wonderful theme which is free to use.
  • We are present on Facebook and at the CafeBpO page. If you want regular updates you will need to like the Facebook page of CafeBpO
  • A total of 26 posts not including this one  has been written.
  • 35 Facebook likes, presence on Twitter and Google + and Pinterest
  • More authors have agreed to contribute for articles and we are confident you will see there work in next one month.
  • We are working on new sections based on inputs received and would be looking forward to more ideas. Feel free to  use Contact CafeBpO form to get in touch with us.
  • We have achieved Alexa rank of  7,96,207 globally and 34,106 in India, thanks to all our readers.
  • A lot of our posts are being actively shared on internet on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. We would encourage you to share posts on CafeBpO to spread the community far and wide.

We would request our readers to actively contribute

  • Content
  • Comment on the posts. You actually don’ t need your own website to comment, you can leave that blank, or you can also use your Facebook or Twitter account also to comment. Your comments will help us to make this community useful to more people.

So friend please go ahead and spread the message of CafeBpO and feel free to  Contact CafeBpO if you would like to contribute, stories, articles or just would like to get in touch with us.

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  1. Very nice. Now its 24,500 – the rank, that is.

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