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As we mentioned earlier a lot of people still get confused between a call center and a BPO and one of our friend wanted to know why we have not kept the name of the website on call centers in place of BPO, as they felt call center is a better understood world as well as word. We explained our logic to our friend and he was convinced, hopefully you  will also be.


Typically BPO is considered in India as a back office data entry kind of job while call center is considered to be all things related to voice process and is normally considered to be the more glamorous of the business in India. The reason for the same are not very difficult to understand.

Voice process the employees are from private school English speaking background from middle class families working in night shift. On the other hand the general perception is that the BPO employees are not fluent in spoken English and work in day shift. Well that is the perception even if it is not true.

From a business point of view any company or center of a company that is engaged in any kind of business process ( data entry, scanning, application process, analysis  taking calls or making calls to customers, partners etc) is a BPO or business process outsourcing office or it can even be termed as off shoring office, in case the center is in India or any other country outside of the parent company or customers home country.

Now if you noticed carefully even call center activities are included as a business process outsourcing activity as that is what it is. The voice process being sent to India or any other part of the wold is a subset of a bigger business. This is a big concept that some of the best brains in the business struggle to comprehend, as for them what there center is doing is the center of  universe. In reality the voice or any  piece be in data entry or image scanning or underwriting mortgage is one small cog in a much bigger picture.  Friends that is the reason we chose to write about BPO and not just call centers as all call centers are BPO but not all BPOs are call centers.

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