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In our last post we discussed some of the myths surrounding the life in a BPO. Let us scrutinize some of them closely one by one in some of the upcoming posts.

Let me begin with the cabs. The BPO cab policy of any BPO company is designed to make sure that the business does not  stops due to any reason. A lot of people think that cabs are coming to pick the employees so they are enjoying life, get into the cab and reach office, once things are done cab will drop you back also.

  • Let me clarify the cabs in a BPO are not luxury but a necessity, in none of our cities a reliable decent public transport system exists that can bring employees to office safely. Things become worse the moment the office is in a suburb like Gurgaon or Noida in Delhi, or Powai in Mumbai. You can replace Delhi or Mumbai with Bangalore, Chennai or any other city the pathetic condition of our public transport system will not change. And no the trains in Mumbai and Metro in Delhi can not meet the demand of BPO sector specially as a lot of shifts end in the middle or night or around dawn at 5 am. In a lot of parts of India that is still pitch dark, even if you get a metro what will you do between the metro station and your home. Specially if you are in a city like Delhi and a women? I hope you get the picture.
  • The other reason to provide the cabs to employees is that most processes have  very strict time line to adhere and clients impose very severe penalties when employees do not log on time into the system.
  • Not only the BPO company looses money but in many cases the employees are also penalized by giving them negative marks that impact the incentive they can earn. So in order to cover up for the lost hour some of them have to stay back in office to cover up their login hours.
  • In a lot of BPO companies specially if the number of employees are not large enough to have enough cabs companies have a rule of minimum number of employees in a cab. Which means if the 7 employees in a cab live in very different area the cab will pick each one of them one by one even if it means you have to sit in the cab for 2 hours. Imagine sitting in a cab for 2  hours, specially where the cabs are not air- conditioned.
  • Just to avoid this 2 hour journey a lot of employees still choose to come on their own to office and decline the cab facility provided to them.. Let me ask you this if the cabs were such a wonderful perk for employees why some of them would decline and come on their own.

So my friend these are some of the facts about the cab facility being provided to employees. There is more to it but I will write about that when we touch some other aspects. The cab facility provided to BPO employees is a necessity for both the BPO company and the employees to meet their respective goals and safety.

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