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One some of the big companies have started their operations in the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai slowly every body started realizing that India does not have the infrastructure to support the big office space and world-class facilities needed to operate a 7X24 operation.Some of the typical problem faced in those early days were

  • No big class one office space was available except for some properties from DLF in NCR and a few from Hiranandanis and Rahejas in Mumbai. Most fo the big IT parks where BPOs are situated today were still at an idea stage in those early days (1997-2000)
  • Power situation was horrible, it has gone only worst but the office complexes are better equipped to deal with the same.
  • Early employees of BPO and Call centers were skeptical about the prospects of the business and there parents were more worried about what kind of job there kids are getting into.
  • Night shift was a big deterrent and most of the parents even in big cities were not willing to let their kids work in nigh shift.
  • Managerial bandwidth was not available, even if you were able to hire the associates there was not enough management talent available in the market to take up supervisory roles. As the people who joined at the ground level did not have any experiencing to manage team and the managers in other business who had managed large teams were not interested in coming and working for call centers.
  • This led to evolution of a very different kind of team structure in India which we believe that is very unique which led to responsibilities being divided between the management in India and at the client side or in the parent company.
  • Another infrastructure bottleneck was bandwidth, which was a scarce resource and you had that dinosaur called VSNL in those days owned and operated by Bharat Sarkar very inefficiently.

Remember those were the early days and the business models were still evolving.

Have you been in BPO business for a long time, do you remember those early day? How about sending us  your story and we will showcase it here.


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