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UnSched Leaves- A problem in BpO


One of the challenges for any BpO employee and manager is too reduce unsched leave as much as possible.

What is Unsched leave?

As per BpO language if an employee takes a leave without prior approval from  his supervisor then that leave is called as unsched ( short form of Unscheduled leave).

Why the Supervisors and Companies hates Unsched leaves ?

Well there are many reasons

  • It messes up withe the scheduling
  • Some body already on leave will have to be called to take care of volume
  • There could be billing loss if your team is short on bench
  • The manager may have planned some activities for team, that now needs to be postponed.

Why the employee hates Unsched leaves?

  • The company may deduct salary
  • The employee may not be eligible for incentive for that month if the company policy says so.
  • Some companies will penalize employees with Unsched leaves during Bonus and or Promotion time

So if no body wants unsched leaves why do employees takes unsched leaves?

Well there are many reasons for employees to take unsched leaves some genuine and some not so genuine

  1. Illness
  2. Monday blues
  3. Employee has another job offer and is now taking the current job lightly
  4. But the biggest reason a lot of employees give for not showing for work is that they went to their home town and could not get return tickets to come back in time.

Now one may wonder how is that possible? Well in India anything is possible and a lot of employees like to take overnight train from their home town to their office town, so that they spend maximum time in their home town. Now many time due to heavy rush the trains do not have any space available and the employee has to come by bus or some other means of transport that is not reliable.

One of the solutions for the same is to book tickets in Tatkal so that you can get tickets at last minute. But the challenge is that IRCTC Tatkal site is very slow and you can miss the tickets. You can check this post that gives some great steps to book IRCTC  Tatkal tickets online.

This should help  you plan your holidays better and reach office in time to avoid unsched leaves leading to problems with your company and supervisor.

Remember no body wins when an employee takes an Unsched leaves neither the employee, nor the company or the client. Every body is a loser when an employee takes an unsched leave.

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