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–Happy New year to all our readers.New Year is the time of new resolutions for personal life and goals for 2013 at work.. Every year each one of us makes and breaks a lot of New Year resolutions.Some of the most popular personal resolutions that are broken by most of us are:

  1. I will lose weight this year.
  2. I will start saving for my future.

These two are the most popular resolutions broken by most of us, why are they never kept? Because in most cases these are the promises that we make to ourselves and nobody is watching them or reminding us about the same.

So what is the benefit of them? Actually none as we are not accountable on them. The other reasons are that none of them is a SMART goal. Just to refresh our memories

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound. Since in both the resolutions we are starting it wrong as there is no specific value given to any of these goals they are bound to fail. A better version of these goals will be:

  1. I will loose 10 Kilos by jogging 2 KM, 4 days a week by 31st December 2013.
  2. I will save 20% of my salary every month for next 5 year.

I hope you get the difference.  Anyways this post is not about personal goals, we want to talk about some professional goals.

Most of us don’t even plan any professional goals and let us give some examples ( not all of them are SMART mind you, that is for you to do)

  1. Learn a new skill/process
  2. Get that promotion you have been eyeing
  3. Get that certification so relevant to your domain
  4. Join an online resource to help you in your career e.g. if you are in Mortgage business you join MBA.
  5. Volunteer for the company CSR initiative.
  6. Aspire for the CEO award for the employee of the quarter and work for that.
  7. Read that management book you bought 3 years ago.( first you need to find it though in your closet)
  8. Have the courage to say no to your boss for something you believe is not correct.
  9. Take that vacation you so badly want ( you need to plan it now if you want it in May)
  10. Relook at your career where it is going and change jobs if this is not the right fit for you.

The challenge is most of us don’t even bother to plan our professional goals and are what we call drifters in our career. A drifter as per us is somebody whose career is just going through motion like a twig in a river it just goes where ever the flow is taking it. That is not a very good career strategy. One needs to actively plan each and every career move and work on adding that extra zing to the career. It can be added by actively doing things that will lead to your twin objective of

a)      Higher Salary

b)      Higher designation

A lot of us may not want a higher designation but still want a higher salary and that is a perfectly legitimate goal. But remember if you are the highest paid employee in the team and the least productive you will be replaced sooner rather than later. Also you need to remember for every position of a supervisor or manager there will be many applicants and you need to be better than each one of them to achieve the same.

So even if you are happy in your current role just to justify your higher salary you need to be most productive and need to have skills that others in the team do not have. If you fail to do this then some body else will get that dream increment or promotion that you have been eyeing so long.

Our aim is not to scare you but to remind you that it is a new year and only you have  ability and the power to plan your career and any career planning begins with goal setting and what better day than the first day of new year to do some introspection and start moving in the direction  you have always wanted to.

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Once again a very happy new year 2013 wishing  you great goals and success in achieving them.



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Dec 272012


Fightback for Safety in BpO Cabs

In continuation of our post about safety in BpO Cabs, we found Fightback application developed by Tech Mahindra a large IT company from the Mahindra Group. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. Join us and help make our streets safer for women. This is a very simple app to download and use from your mobile phone.

Tech Mahindra had long back developed an application called FightBack which was being used only by the staff members of Mahindra Group.

After the gang-rape of a woman in New Delhi;  Mr. Anand Mahindra has now thrown open this smart phone application for public use, beyond Mahindra employees. The FightBack application tracks a user’s location and sends SOS  messages to selected contacts in case of an emergency.

This application is now available for download on the company website for

The FightBack app allows the user to press on a panic button whenever
he/she feels unsafe.

It tracks the location using GPS and alerts chosen contacts  about the location map and is available on Nokia,  Android and Blackberry from the link below :

www.fightbackmobile .com

Steps – How to download the application

1 – Register yourself or login through Faceback with Post click.
2 – After the successful Login in the portal, Click to Download.
3 – Enter the mobile number on which you want to deploy for the FightBack application
4 – Select your handset on which you would like to download the application
from the device list.
5 – Click on Download button, and you will receive the link to download via
6 – By clicking on the downloadable link within the received SMS your
application will start downloading.

Please spread this to all your social circles on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc; this is a very useful application and should be present on your phone. We would like to thank Mr. Mahindra to make this app available to all.

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Other Posts in this series

  1.  The truth about BpO Cabs
  2. Steps to follow in BpO cabs for security

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Dec 272012


How To Ensure Security in BpO Cabs

We talked about the truth about cabs in one of the earlier post and mentioned that cabs are a necessity for the BPO employees due to

  1. Late shift timings when public transport is not available and is not safe.
  2. The need to login on time, as any late log in leads to stiff penalties from clients

We will focus this post about the security of women employees in BpO cabs, as we don’t want any more incidents like the recent Delhi rape case, and the earlier gruesome murder of girls traveling in BpO cabs in Bangalore and Pune.

All top BpO companies provide home pick up and drop beyond 8 pm and before 7 am, for the security of the employees, but there are a few things that as a women employee you are entitled to

  1. After 8 pm and before 7 am you have a right to be picked up from home and the company can not drop you at a common pickup point far away from your home.
  2. All good companies have a policy where a women employee is not the first pickup and the last drop during the night. This ensures that the lady is not travelling alone in the cab. If this means that either a security guard will travel with the girl or a male colleague will go till the house of the girl and come back after dropping the girl.
  3. Check with your company in GPS is installed in the Cabs to track the movement, if not you should demand that from your organization.
  4. If due to some extreme emergency you are traveling alone in the cab make sure that you don’t  fall asleep, and constantly be in touch on your phone with the control room of your company.
  5. Keep the number of local police station, your family member on speed dial where you can  call them in case of any problem
  6. Make sure that the driver is not drunk and if you suspect he is drunk do not board the cab.
  7. Do not enter the cab if you do not recognize the driver. Please call your company’s helpdesk to confirm that the new driver is authorized to bring you to office.
  8. If there is unknown people along with the driver in the cab refuse to board the cab and call your company’s control room.
  9. Do not let the driver stop on the way and pick up stray passengers either to give lift or as a paying passenger. They are not allowed to do the same as it is a security hazard.
  10. Never allow the driver or your colleagues to go by an alternate route even if they insist it is a short cut.
  11. Always keep some kind of security measure with you like a pepper spray to use in emergency.

Our aim is not to create any kind of panic but considering the increasing number of crimes against women and the odd hour’s women in BpO travel in cabs it is prudent to be aware of your surroundings and be proactive to ensure that your safety is not compromised. If you find that your organization is not following the basic security norms for the security of women employees you can always talk to the HR manager and if nothing is done we would strongly suggest you change your company, as a company that does not takes care of security of its employees is not worth working.

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Dec 112012


The Next Wave of Consolidation in BpO Business

—A few weeks ago we have talked about the sale of Firstsource to RPG group and tried to understand what may work in the favor of the deal. The next  wave of consolidation in the BpO business continues with the acquisition of Apollo Healthstreet by Sutherland Global. If we look at the history of consolidation in the BpO business this is the third wave. Let us look at some of the earlier wave in the consolidation in the BpO business. It all started when the early start-ups were struggling to grow and needed financial muscle to scale up. They prooved that the third-party model works and the big boys of business were willing to put money behind the concept now.
  1. The First wave  of consolidation in BpO was when the early entrepreneurs started selling their companies to big business this included sales of Spectramind to Wipro, Daksh to IBM, Transworks to Aditya Birla group and so on. The sellers were first generation Indian entrepreneurs who were cashing out by selling to both MNCs as well as Indian companies.
  2. The second wave of consolidation in BpO  can be considered when the MNC  companies started selling their captive centers in India to pure play third-party BpO companies, this would be deals like TCS buying eServe  from Citi, Cognizant buying the captive of UBS, HCL buying the captive of Deutsche bank etc. There were two reasons for these sales a) the MNC parents were in bad shape financially ( citi, UBS) and wanted to cash out as many assets as possible to invest in core business. The other reason with more long-term strategic impact is the realization that the cost advantage you get by outsourcing gets blunt due to higher cost of operating the captive center. In this phase the buyers were both Indian and US companies but seller was in almost all cases a large captive of a MNC.
  3. What we are seeing now is the third major phase of consolidation. In this case the large diversified Indian companies are getting out of non core business. The sale of Firstsource by ICICI and Apollo Healthstreet by Apollo Hospitals group is in our opinion first of such deals and we expect many more are in the pipeline. What appears is that either due to regulatory reasons like in case of ICICI or due to financial and strategic reasons like in case of Apollo, a lot of deals are being negotiated behind the curtains and we will keep on hearing about them in the media as and when some thing closes.

Coming back to the Apollo and Sutherland deal given below are the details taken from media reports


The enterprise value of the deal is around Rs 1,000 crore, of which around Rs 210-220 crore will come to Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd (AHEL), which is holding around 39.4%, while Promoters and promoters family are holding around 35-40%and One Equity Partners holding around 10-15%, said Apollo Hospitals sources.

The other major investors are PE funds including Temasek Holdings, One Equity Partners and Schroder Cap, which are holding the rest of the shareholding

The AHEL official said that the proceedings will be used for company’s Rs 2,000-crore expansion plan. At present the company has a cash balance of around Rs 300 crore.
“This acquisition will position the combined organisation as a leading Healthcare service provider with comprehensive information technology and business process integrated solutions and consolidate its presence as a dominant player in the $38 billion US Healthcare BPO market,” according to Sutherland’s statement.

Apollo Health Street provides customized strategic support services to more than 150 healthcare partners throughout the US from 10 global operational centers of excellence.

Prathap C Reddy, Founder Chairman of Apollo Hospitals, one of Asia’s Premier Healthcare Groups said, “In order to drive Apollo Health Street’s growth to the next stage, it was essential to find the right Strategic partner.

“In Sutherland, we found the ideal partner with a proven track-record of excellence in services, technology, and leadership. The combined capabilities of both companies will create a compelling value proposition for our clients,” said the Hospital Chain’s founder.

It is clear that the Apollo group will be using some of this money to reinvest in the hospitals business while some members of the family and PE companies have multiplied their investment.

As always there will be some job loss in the acquired company in the coming months, though both the companies will deny that in the media. Expect more such deals in the coming  months.


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Dec 062012
–So far biggest problem in BpO industry has been attrition. BpO companies in India have been out of labor trouble, there were many reasons for the same

  • A young work force that believes in making a career and rising the corporate ladder
  • The big problem of Attrition means that employees are never too old in system leading to no formation of any kind of unions etc.
  • Relatively good salaries compared to conventional jobs.

The big problem in BpO industry being the perception in the mindset of people that BpO is not a good career option. But overall most of the BpO companies have had a harmonious management employee relations.


But it seems that those days are either over or the impact of labor unrest in Maruti is spreading to other industries in Gurgaon. It is difficult to say if this is local phenomenon or a signal of more things to come. If the media reports are to be believed BpO Company PCCare 247 , which appears to be a technical support company, has not paid salaries to its 137 employees for last 3 months and the employees have chosen to take on streets. They did a protest in front of the condominium complex where the director of the company lives.  This is a not a new but also not frequent problem in BpO industry. We are sad to learn that employees have to take to streets to bring attention to their  problems.

As per the employees and vendors more than 1 crore ( 180000 USD) is due to them and the company has not paid for last 3 months.

We checked the website of the company PCCare 247 and the first thing we noticed is that it is a free word press hosted site, typically used for personal blogs and not for commercial enterprises. This makes us a little doubtful about the company. A self hosted commercial website will not cost more than 5000 INR even if you go for the best of hosting plan. Actually the website claims it is a blog and we are surprised how they employed 137 people with them while running a blog.

There are 2 challenges in this situation here one is the problem of the employees and vendors who have not been paid their dues for 3 months and the other is the problem of negative publicity for the BpO business specifically outsourced to India. From the website of the company it appears most of their customers are retail customers based out of US. Now the labor unrest due to non-payment of dues is not going to send good signals to potential customers in US whether they are retail or enterprise customers.

This is also a big learning for all potential employees to do a thorough due diligence for the company they plan to  join, I think just like an employer does employee referral check employees should also do a ref check and work atmosphere check to find out more details about the potential employer.

We are planning to do a series on some of these things and would love to hear from you. Please use Contact CafeBpo form to get in touch with us if you would like to contribute content for CafeBpO

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Dec 052012

Is BPO at the Bottom Of Career Options?

—It has been more than 15 years since the business of BpO made inroads in our life by offering career options in BpO. BpO has changed the skyline and lifeline in major cities in India and has started a new demographic shift in form of educated but jobless youth from B and C towns to the major metros like Bombay, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. But in spite of all this and lakhs of people working in BpO companies the sector still is not the first choice of most of the employees. Take the case of Nishita Sharma a very smart well-educated girl from middle class business family from West Delhi. We met her and her parents in a social function some time back. On learning that we work for Café BpO, the blog and community about business, career and life in  BpO they started chatting. They had a few questions and some  notions about BpO career options.


Career options in BPO

Nishita- A BpO Aspirant

A little background about the Sharma’s is needed here. Mr. Narender Sharma is a business man who has a fleet of cars that he rents to five star hotels, Mrs. Sharma is a SAHM, ( stay at home mom), she has a younger brother who is in school. Nishita is pursuing her graduation and already planning what to do after completing her graduation.  We asked her has she considered joining a BpO company and then pursuing her PG simultaneously as some companies actually sponsor the same.

But she is still not sure if she would like to join a BpO, though some of her cousins work for companies like Genpact, Bank of America, Convergys etc. but she and her family don’t think BpO should be her first career choice.  Mrs. Sharma was worried about security in the cabs, and a host of other things that she has heard about BpO were not good in her opinion. We did not pursue it further.

Next day we were invited in a college to speak about the opportunities in a  college in a small town, with good private colleges. The hall had a good mix of 2nd and third year students and also some students who passed out last year. After giving our presentation about the Business, Career and Life in a BpO we asked the audience to ask any questions.

Initially the response was Luke warm but after some time some of them opened up and a pattern started emerging once again. The FAQs from the students were more or less the same as from Sharmas. What clearly emerges based on our interaction with the students, Sharmas and other people we interact in society is that there are still a lot of myths surrounding the BpO sector. People still do not consider BpO to be the first choice in career and in the  options available in front of a young aspiring potential employee like Nishita Sharma a hundred choices are available and somehow a job in a BpO appears very low on that list.

This is a big cause of concern in our opinion and points out that BpO is not top career option.

  1. Though BpO has made inroads into our life but it is still not the first choice like say a job in IT or Hotel management ( we are not even comparing it with medicine or IAS kind of professions)
  2. Myths, stereotypes etc still surround around job, career and life in a BpO
  3. Parents are still not comfortable about the same as a profession for their kids
  4. Companies are not spending any money on marketing the BpO as a profession though they spend tons of money on retention.
Bpo career options

Nishita with her parents-Mrs. Kiran Sharma and Mr. Narender Sharma

We think it is high time that a sustained collaborative approach is taken to make career and life in a BpO one of the top choices for young talented Indians if we want to continue to compete with other countries.  Feel free to share your thoughts on the same using the comments from below.

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Nov 212012

  What is Best time for Call Center Training?

—We received a good response on our post “A Perfect Candidate for Call Center”

We have mentioned that some of the freshers join a call center or BpO and leave the same after completion of training when the time to go to production comes.  This is a trend most of the companies have been observing and some of them have devised ways and means to overcome the same.

One of the suggestion that come from our reader Shoeb Ansari was why the companies are not conducting training in night shift?

He has a valid point and some companies have actually tried this with better result as the absconders vanish in week one rather than vanishing after completion of training.The point to note here is that people abscond early when you start the training in night shift. So it saves the salaries paid to them. It is still not overcoming the problem of trainees absconding. Which brings us to another problem is the filtration process for selection of candidates robust enough? It is obvious that short-term players are getting selected only to leave at some stage in next few months.


We will talk about this issue in a later post; let us focus on the pros and cons of conducting training in night shift in this post


  1. One can filter the non serious players at early stage
  2. Better utilization of infrastructure 7*24
  3. Employees get acclimatized to the client timings early one
  4. Real practice calls with clients as well as side jacking to live calls early on

The above factors make sense to start the night shift as early on as possible for the employees who will work in the night shift eventually.

Let us look at the cons now the challenges of training in night shift. The biggest bottleneck is point number 2 in the pros.

The primary objective of any BPO center is to do live transactions and they are designed in a way that maximum space is used for live production work that brings in the revenue.  A typical center will not have more than 2-3 training rooms and they are booked well in advance.

So while one would like to conduct all trainings in night shift for any contact center of even 1000 employees with a low attrition rate of even 20% per annum at any given time you will have on a lower side 100 trainees at different stages of training varying from

  1. Voice and accent
  2. Process training
  3. QC
  4. Management development programs for supervisors
  5. Rooms occupied for client visits etc.

All this makes the training rooms a very scarce resource for any company. Not just training rooms the trainers also need to be available.  We need to remember that trainers are a cost to the company and while they add a lot of value by training the future revenue generators they themselves do not directly contribute to the revenue of the center. This creates a very peculiar situation and no cost center head wants to have trainers beyond a particular ratio.

This brings us back to the earlier input by Shoeb Ansari, while it will  help to  identify potential attrition cases much earlier it still does not solve the problem of hiring non serious players in the first place. This is where the HR team can play a critical role.

But still as they say something is better than nothing; it makes more sense to conduct training to the live process time an employee will work in.

We would love to hear your inputs about the same. If you have liked this article feel free to share with your friends, and colleagues on your social networks like Facebook LinkedIn etc. If you would like to receive regular updates from CafeBpO please use the subscribe by email option on this page ( We do not sell, rent or donate your email address to spammers)

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Nov 192012


A Perfect Candidate for the Call Center


Most companies have learned the hard way to go for rigorous employee background check in the BpO business. Every one is looking for a perfect candidate for the call center who will be happy to work in night and give productivity with quality. It became even more rigorous when reports emerged in media about some employees in a bank back office in BPO were found to be misusing the credit cards of customers to do online shopping. This is serious fraud and not just fudging the CV, fortunately a lot of employees are restricting to just lying on the CV,  fortunately a lot of employees are restricting to just lying on the CV. No we are  not condoning the practice of giving wrong information on CV, but only saying that it is very common and practiced in both BpO and ItO. While companies have put in processes to do verification for lateral hiring a lot need to be done in case of freshers. A case study is given below.

Take case of Amita S. (name changed).

Amita is what we call the perfect candidate and trainee for call center. She is willing to work in any shift, is an energetic fresher, speaks very well comes  and is a perfect candidate for the voice process of the call center as per the recruitment team of the call center who hired her. Why we say candidate and trainee? Because that is all she does, you see she comes from a family where night shift is not permitted. This leads t o interesting things. Amita wants to work and make some money but her family will never let her work in night shift. She is not very keen to work in a back office process and wants to work in a voice process where the money is supposedly better.

Solution? Simple.  Amita joins a company as a fresher undergoes voice and accent training for 15-days to month, scores very high. Then undergoes process training for another 10-15 days, by this time she has received about 20-30 thousand rupees in form of salary depending on one or two salary cycles with the company. Now comes the time to join live process and that is in night shift and suddenly she develops cold feet and vanishes. The cell phone is off and she is not traceable the HR team is able to locate here land line number with great difficulty or a cab is stopped at her home one day to find out about her. The gentleman who opens the door is not very receptive and shoos the caller away.

In the mean time Amita has joined as trainee in another call center as a fresher trainee and undergoing voice and accent training.  If you are part of a recruitment team or training team of a call center this must be a familiar patter you would have noticed. Perfect candidates just vanish after receiving a salary or two. What can be done to avoid these things?

Well we will talk about this in a future post, before that would love to hear your inputs on the same. If you have liked post feel free to share it with your friends and follow us on Facebook.  If you would like to receive all future posts then subscribe to our  free email alerts for our readers.

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Nov 162012

CESC Buys Firstsource-A Contrarian view

Those of you who have been following the stock market in general and BpO business in particular would have noticed the headlines that RPG group company CESC buys Firstsource (Controlled and managed by Sanjiv Goenka). As of now CESC  has agreed to buy 49% of Firstsource Limited and also make an open offer for another 25%. This will bring down stake of ICICI which has been trying to find a buyer for some time due to RBI guidelines.The stock markets have not looked at the deal in a benign way and CESC stock went down by 15% and Firstsource also not responding in a positive way. So most people think it is a lose- lose situation for both the companies.We would like to be contrarian here and actually think that this deal may work out in the next 2-3 years.

Disclaimer: We do not own stocks in any of the mentioned company as of today and this post is not a recommendation to buy or sell the stock.

In our post about the Winners and Laggards of the BPO business we mentioned that we will analyze Firstsource once the results are out and now is the right time to look at their numbers.

Headcount wise Firstsource has 32365 employees of which 10188 are outside of India, the data disclosed does not mentions the breakup of countries where these 10K employees are. These 32365 employees add an annual revenue of around 500 million USD, making it second largest BPO company out of India after Genpact, both employee strength wise and annual revenue wise.  The per employee revenue comes out to be USD 8.38, slightly better than WNS. But the difference is that Firstsource still has 10K employees outside of India and if it can change that mix even by 10% its profitability should change. Though it has an uphill task to increase the revenue per employee, but let us not forget it h as a lot of domestic business also where the realization is less but so are the salaries of employees.

The other difference will come in form of stable parent, it has been in news for 2 years now that ICICI is planning to sell its stake in Firstsource due to RBI guidelines and this has led to slow but steady ouster of top management in last few years, right from Ananda Mukerji, to other senior people.  Every time a senior person leaves it leads to continuity issues and loss of focus in the junior employees. Now with a stable parent in form of Sanjiv Goenka controlled CESC, the employees as well as customers should take a sigh of relief and get back to the business.

Impact on Employees: We agree there is no synergy between CESC and Firstsource but let us not forget CESC will not manage Firstsource but remain a holding company taking financial decisions while the day-to-day management will be with Firstsource management current or future that remains to be seen. The management  definitely will have to get used to work with an Indian business house and cost cutting will be in focus ( share holders should be happy about it and the employees respect the same if they want to prosper in long run).

Long term positives: So we will stick our neck out and say that in next 2-3 years this deal will work out well for both Firstsource and CESC till then it will be a lot of focus on cost and revenue and employee mix from different geographies and increasing the $ revenue realized per employee. The  bench mark set by Genpact is pretty high and all the other BPO companies have a tough climb ahead.

Note: We have not contacted any of the companies mentioned in the post and data is taken from Firstsource website.


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Nov 142012


We started CafeBpO a month back and as the aim is to grow it into a community where all those associated with the business of  BpO can participate. We thought we will give some highlights of last one month over here so that our readers know which direction we are heading.

Below is some technical mumbo jumbo:

  • We are using WordPress platform with Suffusion theme developed by Sayontan Sinha . We would like to acknowledge and thank him for creating this wonderful theme which is free to use.
  • We are present on Facebook and at the CafeBpO page. If you want regular updates you will need to like the Facebook page of CafeBpO
  • A total of 26 posts not including this one  has been written.
  • 35 Facebook likes, presence on Twitter and Google + and Pinterest
  • More authors have agreed to contribute for articles and we are confident you will see there work in next one month.
  • We are working on new sections based on inputs received and would be looking forward to more ideas. Feel free to  use Contact CafeBpO form to get in touch with us.
  • We have achieved Alexa rank of  7,96,207 globally and 34,106 in India, thanks to all our readers.
  • A lot of our posts are being actively shared on internet on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. We would encourage you to share posts on CafeBpO to spread the community far and wide.

We would request our readers to actively contribute

  • Content
  • Comment on the posts. You actually don’ t need your own website to comment, you can leave that blank, or you can also use your Facebook or Twitter account also to comment. Your comments will help us to make this community useful to more people.

So friend please go ahead and spread the message of CafeBpO and feel free to  Contact CafeBpO if you would like to contribute, stories, articles or just would like to get in touch with us.

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