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In the last post we talked about why it is a myth that BPO job is an easy job. Part of the reason to believe that BPO jobs are easy is as a lot of companies have expanded at a very rapid pace in last 10 years, leading to an explosion in the growth of jobs in the BPO  field. But as we analysed it is not an easy thing to perform in a BPO and one need to have different skills. This post we will look into why the back office jobs are also not as easy as they are made out to be.

Typically the BPO jobs are divided into 2 categories at 30,000 ft. level.

  • Voice jobs
  • Non voice jobs

This is a very high level division of the BPO jobs, and of these the non voice jobs are typically considered to be easy jobs by most people.  We would like to break this myth, as whether a job is easy or tough has got nothing to do with voice or non voice. In our opinion it is based on the  decision-making authority vested in the person performing the job that should be decide if it is an easy job or a tough job. We will analyse these jobs later in a future post. Today let us analyse one of the jobs that is considered to be easiest in the BPO industry namely data entry.

Data entry process is considered to the most easiest of the jobs in the BPO industry. A typical data entry operator is supposed to Key in the information she sees on a scanned form into a software. Sounds easy? Sure let us look at it at a more granular level.

You have a scanned form in writing from a loan applicant who has scribbled his application on a paper with a hundred cuts, over writing, entries into wrong field etc. you get the gist. Now the Data Entry Operator is supposed to not only understand what the applicant has written, decipher the cuttings and over writing, and also find out if the written information is in the right field. All this they have to do when typing at a speed of 45 wpm with an accuracy of 99% or above. I hope you get it.

So our point is not that you can not do it, thousands of people in India do it day in and day out but it requires specialized training, discipline and dedication. On day one no body who joins a BPO company is geared up for all this. Due to which all BPO companies maintain training department who work round the clock to train the new hires into the basics of a process before they are handed over to the operations team for more in-depth training.

The point we are trying to make here is that while BPO field is full of opportunity it is not a cake walk and it is a tough job which requires specialized training and discipline. If you are geared for the rigours of training and hard work and follow the process nuances every single day only then come and join the BPO business. Please so not think about getting a BPO job considering it to be easy money. Trust us it is not easy money it is a lot of hard work, as we will demonstrate in future posts.

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