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A Common Mistake Freshers Make

In last post we talked about the job search mistake experienced executives make online leading to rejection at resume stage itself. In this one we will look at mistake freshers make. Once the college exams are over and final year students have decided to take up jobs a lot of them are still exploring their options. Many choices are still not clear in their thought process if they want to take up a job or want to do an MBA. Even t hose who have completed MBA from not so premier institute are still struggling to decide between a sales job selling mutual funds and insurance or to join a BPO or take any other career opportunity.

Every single company that comes to the campus recruitment paints a very rosy picture promoting their organization as something to retire from, while the guys who have come to conduct interviews may be giving interviews daily for a job themselves!

Anyways that is not the topic of this particular post.

Let us focus back on a totally avoidable mistake that a lot of freshers make. This is very simple and basic and some of you may actually laugh at it considering it to be too naive to even make it. But let the truth be told we have been seeing this from last many years of recruitment. The simple mistake that freshers make repeatedly is having a not so professional email address.  Yes it is as simple and ubiquitous as the humble email address.  Your email in a lot of cases is the first contact you have a recruiter, unless it is walk in. But in a walk in also a printed is asked so that the recruitment team can put your email in the database for future contact.

Now just imagine a recruiter receives an email from KooolKaran69@…….com, or from sweet16sonia@…….com, they are all real email addresses that we have seen in past. Some of the less catchy but still unprofessional one are… dreamboyamit@….com, misspooja@…… I hope you get the gist, now these email addresses would have been perfect when you were in college trying to impress that hot chick in Chemistry honors, or that tall gymnast in the college canteen and scribbled on the napkin to be discovered by your dream boy/girl, but trust us the recruiter will not be very impressed with these email addresses.

It is not very difficult to change your email address and there are a lot of free email services like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, hotmail,, rediffmail, indiatimes etc are available in market. The best way to create a professional looking email is to have some combination of your first and last name followed by some nubmers like Amit.sharma3792@……. .com or email2arti.puri@……….com, the email service provider will give you a combination of email address based on your name and most of them are pretty decent options to pickup.

Please do yourself a favour if you are in job market change your email address that looks professional and makes a good first impression on the recruitment team

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