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7 Steps to get a good sleep after night shift in Call Center

We saw in the earlier post that due to irregular shifts a lot of BpO and Call Center employees are unable to sleep properly leading to a variety of health problems.  But since most of us do not have the luxury to change our shift we need to ensure we get a good workaround to get a good night or should we dare say a good day’s sleep?

Let us give us some things that you can do to get a good sleep even during the day. The points are based on our discussion with some people who are working in the  BpO and Call Center business for many years.

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Trying to sleep- pic by “D Sharon Pruitt”

  1. Consistency: Try to sleep at the same time every day. Even if you reach home early or have nothing to do, wait for your regular time to sleep and only then go to bed.
  2. Befriend the Dark Side:  Make sure your room has thick curtains and no light sneaks in, as a double precaution cover your eyes with eye pads like they give you in long haul flights. Remember even when your eyes are closed they can still sense light leading to less than optimal sleep so your aim should be to give them complete darkness when you are sleeping.
  3. Switch off the Cell phone: If you work in a voice process and still want to take calls after night shift we salute you. But if you are like the rest of us who have had enough after the shift, switch off that cell phone or give it to a family member who can announce your beauty sleep to the callers.  Come on even President Obama sleeps with all the problems of the world he is supposed to solve, so the world will not miss you if you miss some calls.
  4. Avoid Caffeine: The earlier your last dose of caffeine is before you go to bed the better are your chances to get a sound sleep. Remember you drink tea or coffee to stay awake in night, so just do the opposite when you want to sleep. Have your last sip of coffee/tea a minimum 2 hours before the bed time. Also what you need to remember is tea and coffee are not the only beverages with sleep killer chemicals your cold drinks and energy drinks are also buzzing with sleep killing demons. Some people swear by some herbal teas that help in sleeping, but we have not tried them so would not comment about the same.
  5. Eat light: While it is tough to sleep on an empty stomach, it is tougher to sleep on a stuffed stomach. So before bed time make sure there is some gap between your last meal and nap time. You can have a light snack if you feel hungry but do not stuff yourself, it will only increase your weight and decrease your sleep.
  6. Exercise regularly: If your body is physically exerted your chances of a good sleep increases exponentially. You don’t have to exercise before bed, but any time during the day if you have done some workout like walking, running, weight training or simple climbing of stairs, your body will want to recover, and we all know body recovers when we are sleeping.
  7. Read a Book: Remember when we were in school and the thought of reading itself use to make us yawn? Try something similar take a book to bed, just ensure it is not a stomach churning murder mystery, try a book on politics or history they are known to be the best sleep inducing invention of mankind.


Bonus tip: No TV while in bed, yes as with the remote you will be compelled to keep on flipping the channel and will not sleep.

These 7 Steps to get a good sleep after night shift may seem  simple and commonsense but a lot of us do not implement them. Do try them and inform us if they have helped you in any form. Also if you have any tip of your own please write to us.

man sleeping on bench

Its easier to sleep in dark 

pic byVicente Alfonso


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