May 282013

  UnSched Leaves- A problem in BpO   One of the challenges for any BpO employee and manager is too reduce unsched leave as much as possible. What is Unsched leave? As per BpO language if an employee takes a leave without prior approval from  his supervisor then that leave is called as unsched ( short form of Unscheduled leave). Why the Supervisors and Companies hates Unsched leaves ? Well [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Feb 222013

Spanco BpO Misses Paying Salaries to Employees Some time back we have posted about PC Care 247 in Gurgaon not paying salary of employees. Now if newspaper reports are to be believed another BpO company has not paid the salaries for its employees and this is for last 4 month. Unlike the one we talked about last time which was a rather unknown name like PC Care 247 this time [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Feb 182013

It is not a good idea to Blast your resume to 5000 consultants. Wait and think before you blast your resume to those 5000 recruiters. Let us give you some reasons why it is not a very good idea. But before that what resume blast is all about. There are websites that for a fee (anywhere between 300-5000 INR), claim that they will send your resume to thousands of recruiters [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Feb 062013

  — So You Want To Write A Guest Blog Post For CafeBpO ? We are glad you are visiting this post, it clearly shows you are interested in contributing to the growth of CafeBpO community about Business, Career and Life in BpO. We published our first expert author post by Information security expert Surinder Singh Rait, and we plan to continue to do so and involve more and more [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Feb 042013
Human Aspect of Information Security Policy in Service Industry

Human Aspect of Information Security Policy in Service Industry In my 14 years of experience in the service sector industry where we have served almost all the markets globally as a country, I have observed that there has been tremendous focus on tools and technologies in which we try to fix the security loopholes by implementing various detective/ corrective/ preventive tools. But organizations usually miss that these tools don’t have [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Jan 312013
7 Steps To Get A Good Sleep After Night Shift In Call Center

- 7 Steps to get a good sleep after night shift in Call Center We saw in the earlier post that due to irregular shifts a lot of BpO and Call Center employees are unable to sleep properly leading to a variety of health problems.  But since most of us do not have the luxury to change our shift we need to ensure we get a good workaround to get [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Jan 172013
10 Problems due to lack of Sleep in BpO employees

10 Problems due to lack of Sleep in BpO employees   Today getting a good night’s sleep is a luxury for most of us, what with late night work, idiot box, chatting on social media websites,  neighborhood Jaagrans( whole night Bollywood songs parody to please gods), sound pollution etc. Contrary to what doctor say that one needs a good 8 hours sleep to be healthy in the long run, most [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Jan 162013
Are you ready for Income Tax 2012-13 ?

Are your Ready for Income Tax 2012-13 =============================================================================== Once the festivities of welcoming New Year are over, January becomes a painful month for most people who are salaried.  As a lot of employees in BPO companies are new and this could be their first year of generating income they are not well versed with the income tax laws and provisions. A lot of us keep on ignoring the mails from [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Jan 142013
News about BpO-Free Online Paper from CafeBpO

  Get News About BpO From CafeBpO Online Paper Dear Readers now getting news about BpO is very easy. As part of continuing improvement and enhanced reader experience we are happy to announce that we will be circulating a weekly online 100% FREE paper from CafeBpO. This paper will not only be from authors of CafeBpO but also from other sources from the internet like New York Times Economic Times CNN Newsweek Reuters and [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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Jan 032013

—Almost all the BPO companies hire freshers from various colleges. A lot of time friends in college join the same company. Now suddenly from just being buddies they are colleagues which mean life is different. Even though you are in same company and have been buddies for a long time now a new dimension to the relationship is added called coworker or colleagues. Now you both may have joined same company [Pls Click Here To Continue..]

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